Friday, August 14, 2009

100 Reasons

Hello to all!

This is my first ever attempt at writing a blog, so please forgive any ramblings or any ignorance.

I wanted to write this post as a tribute to the most extraordinary woman I know who also happens to be the absolute love of my life. Why a blog post, you say? Why not just tell her in person? Well you see, I already tell her these things all the time, but mainly I cannot think of a better or more creative way to tell her because she LOVES reading blogs. LOVES READING THEM!!! She religiously checks in on certain blogs to catch updates as soon as they are posted even if we are right in the middle of a TV show or movie. While some may not understand the habit or may become annoyed, I don't feel that way at all. I just believe she wants to live life to the fullest and one way she goes about doing that is by sharing life through others' experiences as well as her own. And, I love her all the more for that.

In fact, this inaugural post is simply a list of 100 reasons why I love her. The actual total is astronomical, but to my knowledge writing to infinity takes awhile so I will stick to a hundred. These gems are not in any certain order; rather I will simply post them as they come to me. As I go along, I'm sure certain memories may spark the next item listed. I'm also quite certain that not all items will be fully understood by those who read them, but please humor me and allow the two of us a small amount of information that only we "get". Some items found here may be quotes from one another while others may simply be experiences we have shared. Each has in some way left an indelible impression. And lastly, I was always good in math and sciences so my English skills blow pudding. Those with a degree in the English studies arena please avert your eyes or find a towel to gnaw on for a few moments.

So with those disclaimers behind us, let us begin...

O' fair Princess Hilwe! O' how I love thee! Let me count thy ways...
Well, it's at least a hundred!

I love her because of...

100. A Father's Day confirmation

99. Amigo's ultrasound and heartbeat

98. The way she loves my daughter

97. The way she loves me

96. Mama Norma

95. Those crazy Bellman women

94. Our homemade garden stone

93. Trips to the lake

92. Amusement parks

91. The Inn at Bay Harbor

90. The shower at the Inn at Bay Harbor

89. Making it work

88. Enjoying crazy

87. Busting her backside while trying to kick me in mine

86. Fried egg sandwiches with cheese and mustard

85. Pad Thai

84. Food Network

83. Laziness on the couch

82. Sleeping in

81. Learning to cope with each other's baggage

80. Cursing a woman in Louisville that we've never met for dragging her feet

79. My new friends in Franklin

78. Her blue dress

77. Leaving scars

76. Graham "Cracker"/Nora Hayes

75. Abbey and Dori

74. Taco Bell

73. Kissing before our first date

72. Inappropriate boob grab

71. A long, long list of firsts

70. Facebook stalking

69. Announcing that we are "in a relationship"

68. Coppola merlot

67. Bringing in the new year

66. Our night of wine when the TV was never turned on

65. Sunshine

64. "I'd Rather Be With You"

63. Her beautiful brown eyes

62. Her amazing legs

61. Her most noted "assets"

60. Now watching her TV shows

59. Vegan cookbooks

58. Our "disagreements"

57. Her magic rollerskate

56. Planning how to break big news

55. Planning an eternity together

54. English bulldog puppies

53. Her love of photography

52. Her piercings

51. Losing count

50. Getting lost while using a GPS

49. Her crying during commercials, songs, books and movies

48. Planning future trips

47. Her ticking clock now silenced

46. Her laugh

45. Her rapidly changing body

44. The mother she will be to our children

43. Her quirkiness

42. Her making me say 'I Love You' first

41. Being there to catch each other when we fell so quickly

40. Her heart

39. Her being so much more than I could have ever dreamed for

38. Her love of blogs

37. The way she apologizes for everything

36. Her need to buy too many magazines

35. Bbming so much through the day that my battery goes dead mid-afternoon

34. Her smile

33. Her toes

32. 'I Love You More'

31. YEAH!

30. 'I Like You'

29. One uppers

28. The way we say good morning every single day

27. The way we say good night every single day

26. The way she takes care of me

25. Michael Bublé

24. Norah Jones

23. Playlists we only listen to at certain times

22. Holding hands

21. Cuddling

20. The fact that she is as beautiful inside as she is on the outside

19. All of her black undergarments

18. Mind-blowing Earth-shattering... :)

17. All of her tank tops

16. Flirting via Twitter

15. Her kisses

14. Her hugs

13. Her touch

12. Her smell

11. The fact that she is my best friend

10. Our "Party" in October

9. A navy pinstripe suit with a red tie

8. Seeing her in a beautiful navy blue dress

7. Matching wedding rings

6. A .91 carat 18k white gold band with channel set princess diamonds and pave set brilliants

5. A 1.00 carat cushion cut diamond

4. Fulfilling her wishes for a dream proposal

3. Making her read this post to occupy her for a couple minutes

2. Rose petals leading the way

Earlier I posted that these were in no particular order, and to this point that has been true. However, this particular reason does need to be listed here.

The Number One reason why I love her so much is because of...

1. What happens next...

Babydoll, I don't want to wait a couple weeks... so would you mind getting up and meeting back in the bedroom?

I'm waiting for you, and I have something I would like to ask...

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  1. I just cried a little! :) I love you guys so much and I am so happy for you all! Clinton- I am so excited you will be part of our crazy family!!